Mouza Map Availability Details

Before you request for Mouza Map you have to check the availability of LR and RS Map for your Mouza.

LRLand Reforms (Latest Porcha)
RSRevisional Settlement of 1962

Kindly follow the given some easy steps for mouza map availability details :

Login on banglarbhumi portal.

Go to Homepage > Citizen Services > Mouza Map Availability Details

Step 1 – Select District and Block –

Firstly, you have to select your district and block where your land is located. after that simply click on the continue button.

Step 2 – Mouza Map Availability Details

As a result, you can see the Mouza list of that District and Block where the LR and RS Map are Available also you get the sheet numbers.

Note :

  • Once you got to know that your Mouza is available for LR and RS Map now you can request for Mouza Map.

Know-How to Request Mouza Map

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