How to request for certified copies of RoR, Plot Info, and Plot Map?

First of all the procedure for requesting certified RoR, Plot Info, and Plot Map is the same. Only you have to fill different land details in the request form.

ServiceLand Details you have to EnterFees
RoRKhatian NoRs 20
Plot InfoPlot NoRs 20
Plot MapPlot NoRs 20
Procedure for above all the services is a same.

Procedure to Request for RoR, Plot Info, and Plot Map.

Step 1 – Log in on banglarbhumi –

Registration is mandotary on banglarbhumi to access the land record services. After the Registration you will get username and password by using it you have to log in on banglarbhumi portal.

Step 2 – Select the Service –

After login on banglarbhumi portal, you have to click on Citizen Services Tab. then click on Service Delivery Tab. The following options you can see on the screen as shown in the image. Now select which service you want to use.

Go to Homepage > Citizen Services > Service Delivery

Step 3 – Enter Details –

Once you select the service the Request Form will be open on your screen. now you have to fill the details. after entering details simply click on calculate fee. after that, you will see application no, no of pages, and processing fee.

Step 4 – Pay the Fees –

Click on the Continue button and pay the fees of Rs. 20 for your application. you can pay fees by various payment methods such as net banking, debit card, and many more.

Step 5 – Get Receipt (Reference No and GRN No) –

After paying the fees you will get reference no and GRN no for your application. you will require this details to get certified copy once it signed by respective BLLRO office.

Request Here

for RoR, Plot Info, and Plot Map

Note –

  • You can Collect your certified copy of porcha from Homepage > Citizen Services > Service Delivery > Request GRN Search by using GRN no and Application no.
  • You will get a certified copy once it is signed by the respective BLLRO office.

Know-How to Download certified Porcha using Application no and GRN no.

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