Banglarbhumi App – Jomir Tothya Online Download APK for Mobile

The Land and Land Reforms Department, Government of West Bengal, has created a “Jomir Tothya” mobile application to offer doorstep services to citizens. This app allows access to real-time land data 24/7 and is available in three languages: Bengali, English, and Devanagari.

Online Mutation Application and StatusCheck Khatian and Plot Information
Application/Receipt Reprint – (Mutation,
Conversion, Revenue, Warish Application and Revenue, Payment Receipt)
Fees Payment Conversion, Mutation
& Revenue/Khajna
Request a Certified Copy of RoR,
Plot Info, and Plot Map
Application GRN Search
(Download Digitally Signed Certified Porcha)
Mouza Map RequestLand Classification Information
Land Conversion Application and StatusPublic Grievance Application and
Grievance Status
Mutation Status Search by Case,
Deed Location, Seller/Buyer Name
Mouza Map Availability Status
Banglarbhumi APP Jomir Tothya

In this Banglarbhumi App (Jomir Tothya), the Following Services are Available

Khatian Information: Ownership details of the khatian will be available based on the applicant’s Mouza-wise khatian no. Owner name, Owner type, father/husband name, address, the total number of the plot(s) in the Khatian, the total area in a Khaitan, and so on are available.

Plot Information: The Khatian number(s) of plot co-sharers, as well as the land classification, share, and share area (acre), will be available. Tenant and Possessor information for individual plots will also be available.

LR-RS (Hal sabek): This option allows for plot conversion between Hal and Sabek dag.

Fees: Processing fees (Mutation / Conversion) will be available plot-by-plot.

Officer Contact Information: The apps will include contact information for officers assigned to districts, subdivisions, and blocks.

Case status: Mutation application status will be available. This app will also include notices for hearings and investigations.