Online Khajna Payment West Bengal – Conversion, Mutation & Revenue Online

After completing the the application of conversion, mutation, and Online Khajna Payment you can pay the Fees online.

Check Kharian and Plot InformationBanglarbhumi APP (Jomir Tothya)
Application/Receipt Reprint – (Mutation,
Conversion, Revenue, Warish Application
and Revenue, Payment Receipt)
Online Mutation Application and Status
Mutation Status Search by Case,
Deed Location, Seller/Buyer Name
Request a Certified Copy of RoR,
Plot Info, and Plot Map
Mouza Map Availability StatusLand Conversion Application and Status
Application GRN Search
(Download Digitally Signed Certified Porcha)
Public Grievance Application and
Grievance Status
Land Classification InformationMouza Map Request

Once you log into banglarbhumi portal, Use the Citizen Services tab then click on Online Application after that, click on Fees Payment.

Go to Banglarbhumi Homepage > Citizen Services > Online Application > Fees Payment

 citizen services
 fees payment

You can Pay Fees for the following services :

  • Conversion
  • Mutation
  • Khajna (Revenue)

Firstly, select the Request Type then Enter your Application No. and solve the Captcha After that click on the View button.

You will get the Fees Details on your Screen Now Pay the Fees Amount.

Fees Collection

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